Synthetic Lubricant Basefluids

Synthetic (chemically manufactured) and bio-based (renewable-derived) fluids are increasingly used as alternatives to mineral oils in high performance lubricant formulations and in related applications such as metal working, hydraulics, heat transfer and transformer oils. Recent years have seen particularly strong growth in use of synthetics in engine oils, refrigeration lubricants and biodegradable hydraulic fluids, and their use is widespread and growing in many other automotive and industrial applications. If you are a lubricant formulator or user, synthetic basefluids can be an opportunity to significantly uprate the technical performance and market value of your products, but selecting the right fluid and then formulating to make best use of it can be a real challenge.

A wide range of chemical families are available, including synthetic hydrocarbons, organic esters, phosphate esters, polyalkylene glycols, silicones and fluorocarbons, with many different products within each family. Each product has unique performance characteristics in itself, and may have unique interactions with other formulation components. Commercial, regulatory and logistic issues also play a key role in basefluid selection.

bm4tech have extensive experience in fluid selection and can offer a structured process to home in on the best candidates for your application, to reduce your development costs, shorten your time to market and minimise risk of supply problems down the line.